Enjoy it while it lasts

I’m a sad soul like most of us in this life. We all seek perfection and the ultimate ‘success’ so passionately that in the end we forget that that’s not really all that counts. We go about our way forgetting to live in the moment and enjoy the struggle. Enjoy the little moments, for when […]

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My Byzantine Memory

The concept of life is an unexplainable phenomenon and the fact that we could easily take it is, to say the least uncomfortable. I have never forgotten how sick she was. Her mind was myriads of disturbing thoughts. She was depressed; forgotten by the world. She wasn’t smart nor was she stupid. She had learnt […]

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22.6.2018. That’s my birthday and the number 18 has absolutely nothing to do with this article unless of course you’ll decide to count the number of “Q’s” I’ll use henceforth.( I just wanted to use a big word I don’t really think ‘henceforth’ fits nor is it a big word but what the hell!) Anyway […]



“If you have a grief nobody feels, if you have a pain, nobody feels, if your heart is broken nobody feels, but if you fart all will understand. Such is the comical nature of how limited our understanding of life is. This is a raw example of how we will tackle the question before us: […]

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The noise of migrating bees horrifies me to date. The long endless buzzing and humming gives me the creeps. It’s like little demons planning an attack on you especially when you can’t see them. You hear the noise and you frantically turn your head hoping they’re not around you. All you see is thin air, […]

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Grow Up

Do you remember the days when you were the remote control, the good old days when you would play hide and seek with the neighbour’s kids hours on end; The same neighbours you no longer see? Do you remember coming home all covered in mud at 7 to mother dear who would whoop your “sorry” […]

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The Unappreciated Art

In the average Kenyan home, most kids grow up with the mentality of perfection in academics. Perfection in grades else your life shall forever be unsuccessful and worthless. You are doomed to poverty or a middle class lifestyle if your lucky. You have no chance of crossing the financial barrier between you and the extravagant […]

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