For most of us the words Pulp Fiction always reminds us of the 1994 Quentin Tarantino flick. Breathtaking. A neo-noir gangster motion picture with such fine, punchy dialogue and bad-assery with unexpected twists at every turn .This piece is not about the Tarantinoverse¬† but of an era that is forever lost to time, The Pulp […]

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Memories Inside Do Not Open

I promised her I’d never look back I promised the world before that I promised I’d find her It was too late Nothing is impossible I wrote her a letter Explaining my absence She found me In my darkness she found me She hated my absence Even more my darkness And so she stayed away […]

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When my mind was trying to figure out what I should write to baffle the minds of my devoted readers I ended up nostalgic thinking about high school functions dubbed”funkies” and well recalled my first. So it was Journalism day but considering that the over fifteen hundred dudes had been confined to the walls of […]

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I have decided narrating consecutive events is overrated and so I’ll tell you of fresh events in my memory like Mbete… In the misty early morning of Wednesday, the first assembly of the term one of the coldest moments of high school…everyone had a clean shave; maybe that’s why I felt the cold, dull kids […]



Imagine thee Sailing with me Imagine the glee Leagues so far Alone So much In darkness and light Dancing As much as we might Imagine us Constellations to mars Fighting the wars Of Romans in Troy Of Martians in space Imagine… Us two on the moon Breathing Watching an endless sunset Twinkles of stars Whispering […]