Grow Up

Do you remember the days when you were the remote control, the good old days when you would play hide and seek with the neighbour’s kids hours on end; The same neighbours you no longer see? Do you remember coming home all covered in mud at 7 to mother dear who would whoop your “sorry” ass asking whether you wanted to…well #african moms had all ambiguous reasons to whoop your ass. I think it had a thing to it, you would not eventually end up as the some jobless nobody lying on the couch for most of their adult life with random thoughts questioning the universe and existence. Look at your life right now. I think it was fun whooping our asses. It even made me consider teaching as a profession. I constantly would rub my little palms against each other thinking of all the fun I’d be having.

Probably you don’t remember because you were born just a few years back but don’t worry kiddo, I’ll tell you about the good old days. When we invented all random games just because we had no idiot box to keep us busy. Do you even know what a brick game is? Have you ever played exes and ohs? Have you ever swam butt naked in a river? If not am sorry, for your life has been a lie. Did you listen to Ice cube when he was actually a musician or Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album? Maybe you liked rock and listened to Guns and Roses or All American Rejects, but that’s not important.

Reminiscing about the past is just making me miss the good old days. Making me want to relive them a billion times over. Building fantasies over an impossibility. I never wanted to grow old. I just wanted to hang out with my neighbour’s kids playing, swimming naked and finding the concept of love weird and far fetched. Holding hands would be the most intimate and comfortable thing with a girl. Football had no actual rules especially if you owned the ball.

I missed the good old days. I was alive then, happy loved. We were tricked people, we grew up. We should never had.

In memory of the past I am going to watch The Incredibles 2… You should too. Remember Don’t grow up; it’s a trap.


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