For most of us the words Pulp Fiction always reminds us of the 1994 Quentin Tarantino flick. Breathtaking. A neo-noir gangster motion picture with such fine, punchy dialogue and bad-assery with unexpected twists at every turn .This piece is not about the Tarantinoverse  but of an era that is forever lost to time, The Pulp Fiction era.

The Pulp fiction era was a time when stories were printed on cheap, rough, unfinished paper in magazines or novels. Television sets were an expensive dream even for the rich and so no one owned one . Books were expensive until someone came up with the brilliant idea to print instead on pulp and made a killing selling pulp fiction and magazines to the middle-class for a few cents.Pulp writers were under-paid and many died really poor including that guy who wrote the stories of Cthulhu. Even though Cthulhu is now an internet legend, he didn’t make any money for the writer.

Without television, people read and when people read, writers are born .Out of this lust for stories came some of the most thrilling tales ever written .The tales of Tarzan of the Apes and John Carter of Mars and stories of Zorro, the masked crusader of the West. The pulp age was so impactful that movie directors and screen-writers still pay homage to the tales of the pulp hero. Films adapted from the pages of pulp fiction have become the most memorable and highly-grossing pictures of all time, cult-classics.

The second world war made the price of paper expensive and that was the fatal blow that signalled the death of the golden age of story-telling. A few years later TV sets became inexpensive and that was the last nail on the coffin used to bury the pulp. The pulp novels are now in old bookshops and vintage libraries. They have now gotten that vanilla-scent that old, decaying books have. Their covers are still enticing as they were back then (because we’re  all human and we definitely  do judge  books by the covers). The covers of pulp-fiction-era novels had pictures of exotic places or a lewd picture of a beautiful woman or even combining both elements; a seductive picture of a woman with huge knockers in an exotic island.

The pulp era is gone but the stories live on . There is a small novel in the works, that captures the spirit of the pulps, in it there is a hero like the pulp heroes of old and there are villains, duplicitous, cunning and yet charming villains. In the coming weeks I’ll post the first part here on this blog for you readers to enjoy. I would like to think the novel as a modern pulp therefore the cover may have a picture of an extremely gorgeous woman in an exotic place just to capture the spirit of the old pulps .

image credits César Viteri

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  1. empressswamiii says:

    I’ll be here for it


    1. Good to Know empressswamiii. I hope you will enjoy it.


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